Friday, May 15, 2009


crazy little summer day:
hmm,how do i start,not that i've many thing to spare,to me,it just many,
as i told u,today got the chemistry exam,hmm.
no need to tell u any further,u know how hard it can be,
even after stayed up late just reading whole 'bunch' of chemistry book,
every step i read the chemstry book,my *eyebagg grow  1 mm longer,
today is the only day i've the day to spend my day with labtp,
tmrrw,no more lbtop for me ;(
& tomrrw got tuition,till now, i didnt got time to do the exercise,
for awhile:must finish,must finish! later: ok,i'll think about it, *-.-
uh! by the way, my sis went to the operation safely,
and went back to her vip room in one piece.
really thankfull for that,she had this one disease, dont know what its called.
something hogliaw or something, i've search for it
but it's not in my brain! *blur ,go n search if u want,
i will give the perfect name of that disease  ;D

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