Saturday, January 31, 2009

dugong itu duyong.

hahah,introducing, the mermaid a.k.a dugongs,haha.
very hot la the guys....
that day was actually chinese new yaer,my family went to our cousin house located in Kajang
(got nothing to do maa) so we went there...
in that family,they've one boy only.the other are twins,2 time twins.never mind la.very complicated.
ok, we were actually at sungai cogkak.
the story:
long ago,i once went to sungai congkak with my dad and family.
the sungai congkak were very clean.untill we can do scuba diving n saw the coral & the mermaid n not to mention there're also dugongs (cannot be la,it's a sungai la) but now very polluted but not the river,only the land.

okay,as u all can see,this picture make u have a strange felling right?
dont worry
,because i have it too.haha..
sooryla,i dont have the right scenery to tell you perfectly about this place. u should go there once. very nice place.
i want to take this picture,i want to post it in my blog
akml:can la,but u better edit it.
bzlh:i know la,
dont you think it kinda's a girl slippers you know?


okay the mkck2,were so busy with their chickens,bakar2,i think they thought the sungai congkak are theirs.
hahah..n then the asap's from the nice roasted chickens blew at annoyed la that time
.thank god the little mermaid suprisingly come with his mighty dad in the red shirt splashed their tail n wet the chickens,so cannot be eaten la.
n i say:hahah,pdn muka!
n suddenly this girl,wfqh interrupted me:stop daydreaming la baz...(haha,so noisy la this girl)
so the acctual sittuation are, the family ate their roasted beloved chicken happily,and they live long ever after la...witout giving to us.without us,not giving to us,n not giving.
but we dont mind because we have the mighty RENDANG & NASI & AIR PUTIH ...n n matter what we had the best food.ever.ever. huhuhu..

To end this beutiful arranged blog,i end it with my very beloved brother face,although we like always rough to each other,well ,he still my brother tho'.
there's a day,he shaved her face n suddenly walked out the toilet just like very clean & look like a prince lol.i dont know why i tell you this? xoxox ;) bzlh


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