Wednesday, March 17, 2010


pshyco maniac!


meet my new babe ;D
its been a week since, hee, thnks to my beloved father, even if his perangai mcm tahi tahi sedikit but wait, he got money, ngee ;DDDD

ok, what did i do these past day, ate like hell, slept like cows, run like mad, sigh like old man shitting, and i love me ;D

oh, dont know what to tell, hmm,
arif, right now you were texting me tahi lembu,
rusliza was texting me: what am i doing?
jingyie? he's lost to somehere with ama?

okay my dad just asked me when will i cooked, and its 12.00 pm, usually normal people lunch at 1, yup he's crazy, gtg ;D

p/s: arif, bring me pasir from srwk!

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