Monday, March 15, 2010


one word, sucks

we has started our holidays, maybe others are hitting the bungee jumping with happiness buat as for me a normal 17 years old cute kid just stuck in this so called yellow house. hmm, thank god i've got my laptop back, lol, if i didnt have it maybe u'll see me in the newspaper dead people of the week section *if there's any because its freaking hot and bored. i wondered wheather i have a chance to go to Kedah, really love it there, the food is lovely ;D the nasi lemak will taste just great in your mouth, with that daun pisang ;DD kee, fyi: i had eaten like almost 10 nasi lemak for these past week. im a moster! rar ;D

on top of that, that lucky school give us a package to be done by next week, isnt that crazy. and and i dont have a tuition break, they even made it double for this week, i love world ;0

my dad is bugging me, so i had to let go of my laptop,hmm, he's the bos.


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