Saturday, January 2, 2010


her changes in 2010

past two nights are the most outrageous most calming 2010 night eve, i barely spend my night in a freaking cold plane, boarding on 31st dec, arrived on 1st jan, dont tell me its a cool thing please, and my foot hurts because lack of sitting rather than sleeping which is my hobby, but sleeping is not actually my hobby because i loved to read, but i dont read text books, ok i prefer sleeping, just want to make it more sprakling in your eyes, get things complicated, its 2010 man ! *i love me

things that maybe i'll do when i want to make myself a better in person;

>buy more colourful stokings because i only have yellow, purple, pink, blue and black ;O
>make myself finish my homework without help *save me god,
>eat less calories food
>have enough sleep
>i dont like kfc, please make me not to,
>dont shop! dont !
>hope i dont talk about others, i dont like if i do so, not that i do it, but.
>others: dont tell me the shit about your life, cause i wish to empty my head for now ;D
>again: hope i dont pick up amen's calls, haha, got you amen, ppppuut ;DD

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