Wednesday, August 26, 2009


above is the picture that i tried to put in my header.but it appears that its very tiny so the pixels turned to be not good.
i'm very impressive r8 now.*so? photo that i found in flickr.all of them are quite photogenic even the model are dolls.if u want to expand your knowledgebility, please u can go this way popopo! an this way please poooo!


lemony snicket's was a movie that i just saw last night.
i saw in TV2.maybe i'm lack of movie information or something but i seriously this movie was on cinema! i'm such a --- !
and u know what? this movie is under nickelodeon !
how on earth that i didnt realize the playing? shitto!
the cause that i watch this movie because of the graphic? *im making it reasonable
i found that the outfit that they wore in this movie was old fahion and alitle bit of gothic.
the movie is about the three children who had just lost their parents.
and their journey begun as they lived with their foster parents and eventually they die one by one. and they started to realized their parent's tiny little secret.
the story is based on the first three novels in lemony snicket's book story .
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events is a 2004 black comedy film directed by Brad Silberling.

we'll talk.
again when you're sober,
you said i've got cold, our heat has gone


dyea said...

wei baz aku dah tengok da movie ni, best kan??

nrbzlhazmn said...

aku suke cite nih doh!
hebat ;D lawa

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